The Operator (Unabridged) - Robert O'Neill

Posted by Dane Gottlieb
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The Operator (Unabridged) - Robert O'Neill

Having written accounts like this of a historical event through the eyes of someone who was there is a pretty cool thing. Having that same account read to you by the man himself is even cooler. I liked this book on its own, but what was really cool to me was hearing Rob describe the events he experienced himself, with his own inflections and emphasis on the dialogue he recounted. It adds an element of realism and immersion to his stories.

Somewhat related, it was very interesting to me listening to the tone of Robs voice throughout the book. You can hear as he evolves his narrative style over time, beginning as a relatively inexperienced reader just going line by line, stumbling over the more artistic phrases clearly embellished by his co-writer, and ending as a more comfortable reader, adding his own highs and lows and varying his cadence to highlight the emotional content of his words. I was very impressed and it was a great Easter egg to hear in his reading.

At the end of the day, it’s a good book with a lot of amazing stories about an incredible unit and impressive group of men.